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Tree services in New Orleans have been constantly on the rise due to the large number of trees in the area. Tree removal is a very popular service because it helps keep homes and businesses looking tidy and well-kept. It also eliminates the need to constantly trim and prune trees, which can be a time-consuming and costly process.

When it comes to hiring a professional tree services company in New Orleans to care for your trees, it is critical to opt for the one who truly understands the ins and outs of the job. With years of experience under our belt, our team of experienced professionals is more than qualified to provide you with the best tree removal, tree trimming, and tree care services in New Orleans. Call us today and get free cost estimates for your tree removal project in New Orleans.


How Do You Know If My Tree is At Risk of Falling and May Need to Be Removed?

hollow treeThere are signs a tree is about to fall, and if you see any of the following, it’s time to remove a tree and call a professional tree removal service in New Orleans:

  1. Dead Branches: Dead branches are an early sign of root rot damage. It makes the tree unable to nourish its branches, which leads to them dying and eventually falling off.
  2. Hollow Spots: Tree cavities are commonly caused by decay within the trunk or large branches. These hollows make the tree structurally weak and more susceptible to high winds, heavy rain, and ice. This is usually a result of poor tree pruning so it is always ideal to hire a tree service expert in New Orleans for such a job.
  3. Leaning Trunk: A leaning trunk can be due to wind or root damage. Whatever the reason may be, a leaning tree is a dangerous tree and calls for immediate removal of tree services.
  4. Exposed Roots: Another sign of root damage, exposed roots make the tree less stable and more likely to topple over.
  5. Soft Spots: If you see any soft spots on the tree trunk or branches, this is another sign of decay. Once a soft spot forms, the tree is not long for this world.
  6. Struck by Lightning: After a tree is struck by lightning, it may not fall over immediately. However, the internal damage done by the lightning will make the tree weak and more susceptible to falling in the future.


How Much is the Cost of Tree Removal?

There are several considerations that contribute to how much tree removal services will cost. In general, a homeowner or a property can expect to pay between $910 to $2,000 depending on the requirements of the job. However, the national average tree removal service is around $1,146.

Some of the variables that come into play are:

  • Location and Accessibility – The more difficult it is to access the tree, the more expensive it will be to remove it.
  • Tree Height and Size – Arguably the most important factor, the taller and wider the tree, the pricier it will be to remove. If you have an above-average size tree in your yard, expect to pay on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Client Specifications – If you have specific requests, such as removing the stump or grinding it down, this will add to the tree removal cost.
  • Equipment Needs – We use different tools and equipment depending on the size and location of the tree. If we need to use a crane or other heavy machinery, the price will be higher than if we can remove the tree with a standard truck and saw.
  • Safety and Risk – The more dangerous the tree removal job is, the higher the price will be. This is due to a more delicate operation and the need for extra safety precautions.
  • Time and Crew Required – A simple tree removal will only require a single arborist and take a few hours. Larger jobs that need multiple crew members or are more time-consuming will be on the higher end of the price spectrum.


Should I Remove the Tree Myself or Hire a Professional Tree Removal Service?

Everything is doable in theory, but that does not mean you should do everything yourself. To remove a tree, it is not enough to have a saw and a pair of gloves – you need the proper training, experience, and tools to do it safely. If you are not comfortable with your abilities and don’t have the right tools to remove a tree, then it is best to hire a company that services tree removal.

When you hire Big Easy Tree Cutting, we will make sure that everything is properly prepared. From permitting to insurance, we will ensure that the removal is done by the book.

We offer no obligation-free cost estimates for every tree removal project so you can budget accordingly. Our rates are affordable, and our services are top-notch.


Why Choose Us for Tree Removal?

tree cutter climbing down a treeIt is our best intention to help you as well as the environment to achieve a greener yet safer space. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals in the fields of tree removal, tree cutting, and stump grinding.

With the use of our state-of-the-art equipment and tools, we will get the job done efficiently and promptly.

Certified Arborists

Our arborists have years of experience working with trees and other plants. They’re trained to recognize different species and understand their individual needs.

They also receive continuing education training through organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This certification ensures that you’ll receive professional advice from an expert who knows what they’re doing.

Licensed and Insured

Big Easy Tree Cutting is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for any job, large or small. We’ll make sure all necessary paperwork is filed with the proper authorities before we begin work on your property so that you can rest assured knowing we’re protected in case anything goes wrong.

Equipped with the Right Tools

We have all the right tools to ensure that removal is done in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. Our certified arborist will be able to identify any safety issues and make recommendations for your specific situation.

Affordable Tree Services

We believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a safer space by removing dead or unhealthy trees. Our removal services are competitively priced ensuring that you get the best service and value for your money.


Professional Tree Removal Services at an Affordable Price!

Schedule free cost estimates today. Our arborists will visit your property and give you a detailed report with pricing options. We’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your needs as well as the budget you have in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hiring a professional tree removal service ensures the safe and efficient removal of trees.

Trained arborists have the expertise and equipment to handle various tree removal challenges, such as diseased or hazardous trees, trees close to structures or power lines, and tree removal permits. Professional services minimize risks and potential property damage.

Our tree removal service in New Orleans offers comprehensive tree care solutions, including tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, emergency tree removal, and tree health assessments.

We have a team of experienced arborists and certified professionals dedicated to handling all your tree-related needs.

If a tree appears unhealthy or shows signs of disease, it is essential to have it inspected by a certified arborist. In some cases, tree health can be restored through proper care and pruning.

However, if the tree is severely compromised or poses a danger to people or property, removal may be the safest option. Always consult a professional tree removal service to assess the tree’s condition and recommend the best course of action.

No, tree removal service and stump removal are separate procedures. When you hire a tree removal service, it usually doesn’t automatically include the removal of the stump.

These processes necessitate different types of equipment, and although certain companies offer both services, you might need to engage separate professionals to handle each task.

The time it takes to remove a tree can vary based on several factors, including the tree’s size, location, condition, and the complexity of the removal process.

In general, standard tree removal can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. However, more intricate projects or large trees may require additional time.

Yes, in most cases, you can keep the wood from the removed tree. Some tree removal services in New Orleans may offer to cut the tree into manageable pieces for firewood or other uses upon request.

However, it’s essential to discuss this with the tree removal service beforehand, as it may affect the overall cost of the service. Additionally, some tree removal companies may have specific policies regarding the disposal or utilization of the removed tree’s wood, so it’s best to clarify these details in advance.

What Our clients Say
Joe Kellar

I recently hired Big Easy Tree Cutting for tree trimming services, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their team was professional, efficient, and they did an excellent job shaping my trees. I highly recommend their services.

Sharon Caldswell

They provided exceptional tree removal services on my property. They handled the entire process smoothly, from obtaining the necessary construction permitting to safely removing the trees. Their team was skilled, friendly, and left my yard spotless.

Anne Washington

I had a problem with an overgrown tree in my backyard, and Big Easy Tree Cutting came to the rescue. Their tree trimming service transformed my yard and made it look more appealing. I will definitely hire them again for any future tree care needs.

Charles Keaney

Big Easy Tree Cutting provided exceptional stump grinding services in my front yard. Their team was punctual, efficient, and took care of the stumps quickly and effectively. They left no mess behind, and my yard looks amazing now. I’m grateful for their expertise!

Luis Manhart

Their team was knowledgeable, organized, and ensured compliance with all regulations. I highly recommend their tree services to anyone in need of construction permitting assistance.

Lonnie Wilson

Big Easy Tree Cutting exceeded my expectations with their professional tree removal services. They safely removed several large trees from my property, and the results were fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with their services!


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